Just the Tip #7 – Are You Ready to Ride?

Are you ready to ride? Is your bike ready to ride? We’ve covered ride safety and preparation from multiple angles in this series. With the ride just ten days away, this is a good time to make sure your trusty companion is ready for all the fun miles ahead. Now let’s have a safe and … Continued

Just the Tip #6 – Nutrition is Fundamental

“I stand in awe of my body.” – Henry David Thoreau If we take good care of our bodies, our bodies will get us to places we might never have imagined. Properly fueling and hydrating during exercise is key to both performance and safety. Eat a good meal a couple of hours before a ride … Continued

Just The Tip #5 – Dressing Warm in “Winter”

For warm-weather lovers, the thought of riding in cold weather can be daunting. Sure, cold in San Diego is nothing like some parts of the country, but we do have our share of mornings in the 40s, and even colder if you are riding inland. Riding in the cold can be enjoyable once you find … Continued

Just The Tip #4 – With Suzi

Whether you are riding through a construction zone or managing Mother Nature, road hazards are a given when adventuring on two wheels. The Recovery Ride happens during San Diego’s wettest month, and the occasional Santa Ana conditions are a reminder that the wind can also be a hazard, not just from being blown about on … Continued

Just The Tip #3 – With Suzi

Whether you are dusting off a bike that’s been crying for attention or starting off 2018 on a bike that nears best friend status, following the ABCs of a basic bicycle safety check will ensure your bike is in good working order for The Recovery Ride. Make it a habit to spend a couple of … Continued

Just the Tip #2 – With Suzi

Riders participating in The Recovery Ride will travel through multiple communities and as many as 5 cities during the event. Your behavior while riding will affect not only your safety, but the safety of those around you, and the perceptions of the communities we ride through. Here are a few guidelines to keep everyone safe … Continued

Just The Tip #1 – With Suzi

The Recovery Ride is a community event that brings together cyclists from varying levels of ability and experience. Regardless of which route you choose, our goal is for each participant to have a fun and safe ride. The first and most important safety tip is to remember that bicycles are subject to all the rules … Continued

Dr. Daniel Cordero with a stretching tip