Just The Tip #5 – Dressing Warm in “Winter”

Just The Tip #5 – Dressing Warm in “Winter”

For warm-weather lovers, the thought of riding in cold weather can be daunting. Sure, cold in San Diego is nothing like some parts of the country, but we do have our share of mornings in the 40s, and even colder if you are riding inland.

Riding in the cold can be enjoyable once you find the combination of clothing that works for you.

Dress in layers starting with a base layer on your torso for insulation and wicking moisture away from your body – a dry body is a warm body.

Then add the following depending on just how chilly it is:

  • Full finger gloves
  • Thick or wool socks
  • Shoe or toe covers
  • Tights or shorts with knee/leg warmers
  • Long sleeve jersey or arm warmers
  • Vest or windbreaker
  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Skullcap and/or ear warmers

As your body warms and the temperature starts to rise, you’ll find yourself peeling layers; proper storage is essential to a safe ride. Tightly roll arm and leg warmers to stuff in your jersey pockets. For jackets, first fold in the sleeves and drawstrings. Then fold to the size of your pocket and roll tightly. Tying your jacket around your waist is not advised as it can come unrolled or untied and end up in your wheels. More than a few cyclists have sustained injuries when their ride ended abruptly due to a wayward jacket.

Cycling can be the perfect way to warm up on a chilly day, so hop on your bike and enjoy all that winter riding has to offer. It will make that stop for a warm cup of coffee even more fun! Ride safe. Be safe. Stay warm. Have fun!

– Suzi Reagan-Harlow