Festival Performances

Festival Performances

Sunday Jan 20, 2019
Swiss Park, 2001 Main Street, Chula Vista California


— 10:30 AM
Z’licious Zumba Crue

Tiare LaBistre Ramirez lives in Chula Vista, CA and has been a ZIN™ Member since DEC 2010. She absolutely loves teaching Zumba classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! She is currently licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba® Step. Come join her, she guarantees you will have a blast!

— 11:00 AM

Retra is a band from San Diego, California. Their style, while rooted in Rock, incorporates elements from other genres, with an emphasis on Funk. The group’s lineup consists of Rebecca “Becx” Pelayo on vocals, Brennan Plassmeyer (Future Human) on drums, Chris Gorrie (Boychick, Giant Surprise, Future Age) on bass, with James Howard (Imagery Machine) and Martin Sohikish on guitars.

— 11:30 AM
Roann Mesina

Roann Mesina, known as Ro, is a San Diego based R&B recording artist and songwriter.

— 12:00 PM
Real J. Wallace and Daniel Koestner
Real J Wallace Instagram
Daniel Instagram

Ramel Wallace, also known as Real J. Wallace, is a seasoned San Diego songwriter, spoken word poet and rapper. With credits that include albums with Blu and Soulection’s Abjo, Wallace has been successfully spreading his love for lyricism and songwriting for years, including opening up his own recording studio in 2014 (The Holyfield) – Andy Internets (TravelersClub)


— 10:15 AM
Miki Ratsula

Ever since I was around 12 years old, music has been an escape for me. While others my age were out with their friends, I was in my bedroom singing and writing songs. For a while, it was my little secret, until my freshman year of high school when I uploaded my first cover online. I slowly built a following around my music. It wasn’t until 3 years ago when I came out as gay that my music and following grew exponentially. Just like my identity, my music flows across a broad spectrum of styles — a blend of acoustic & electric tones.

I began writing love songs to my girlfriend and sharing the struggles and beauties of being a gay demigender woman. My goal is to change the pop music industry and give LGTBQ+ love and relationships the representation that they deserve. Even so, I want my music to be enjoyed by people outside of the LGBTQ+ community as well. I wish the closeted middle school me was able to hear a song on the radio written by a girl for a girl, or hear a woman talking about how much she values her masculinity. I want other people like me to be able to turn on their televisions or scroll through their timelines and see a proud gay masculine woman.

Find all my music, merch, and socials on my website.